Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Slice of Life - A Scattered Stream of Consciousness

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In March, I did a #slice14 challenge post that was just random thoughts.  Someone suggested that I pick one thing and write about it.  Now that suggestion might have worked on that day.  My brain did not feel scattered.  Unfortunately, today, I am scattered.  Here's a glimpse at my evening...

I read a picture book that arrived in my mail today, and log it into GoodReads.

I check twitter. I post to twitter. I get caught up in a conversation on twitter.

I do the same on Facebook.  It seems that everyone I know is celebrating their NCTE '14 proposal news. I am not complaining. I am celebrating too, since I will be presenting with two wonderful teacher/librarians, Cynthia Alaniz and Lisa Morris-Wilkey

One of my best friends lives next door.  While I stop in to drop off some books for her youngest daughter, I soon find my friend demanding the follow up to Cinder by Marissa Meyers. I warned her it ended on a cliff-hanger of sorts. As I am sitting around, I tell the middle child that I was invited to a screening of The Fault in Our Stars. She received a copy of the book for her 13th birthday and read and loved it. Before she can be too annoyed that I am going to the screening, she switches over to telling me about This Star Won't Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl.  Somehow we get onto talking about Unwind and trying to convince her mom to read it.  When I head home, she follows me back so she can search my bookshelves for more books by Green. I think I have created a nerdfighter. As typical for my evening, I am missing my copy of Scarlet, but we did find Cress and several John Green books. I send Jax back with the stack and a promise to look at my bookshelves at work for Scarlet.

Once I am settled again at my laptop, I go back to several rounds of checking email, responding to emails, checking twitter, checking facebook.  I should be writing this post, or working on a project for tomorrow.  I am restless and can't settle down.  I head down rabbit holes as I look for a link or see an alert pop up on my screen.

Somehow, I manage to write something down.  Though I won't call it my best writing, I will say it is coherent, which is better than I could hope for at the moment.  And before I find another rabbit hole to follow, I am going to end this crazy ramble.

How many days until summer break?